2013 Summer Seminar, July 15-18, Krakow, Poland


Silke Steinhilber is a researcher, evaluator and trainer on gender equality and discrimination in social policies/ social security, and on gender mainstreaming in policies and programmes. Since 1999, she has been a consultant for international organizations such as the International Labour Organisation, UN/ECE, UNICEF, UN Women, as well as trade unions and women’s organizations in Central and Eastern Europe and the European Union. A feminist political scientist by training, she graduated at the New School for Social Research in New York. Her dissertation research was on family policy reforms in Poland and the Czech Republic. She is a lecturer on International Women’s Rights at the Austrian Rosa Mayreder College.

Selected publications:

(2010) “A look into an uncertain future. Gender equality and poverty policies in Central and Eastern Europe” in: Klenner/Leiber (eds.) Welfare states and gender inequality in Central and Eastern Europe. Brussels: etui

(2008) “Success and Disenchantment. Experiences with Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Equality Policies in an Enlarged Europe” in: Baer/ Hoheisel  (eds.): Between Success and Disappointment. Gender Equality Policies in an Enlarged Europe. Bielefeld: Kleine Verlag

(2006) “Gender and Welfare States in Central Eastern Europe. Family Policy Reforms in Poland and the Czech Republic Compared” in: Gender and Social Policy in a Global Context: Uncovering the Gendered Structure of ‘The Social’, edited by Shahra Razavi and Shireen Hassim, Geneva: UNRISD & Palgrave/ McMillan

(2004) “Social Security Reform and Gender Equality: Recent Experience in Central Europe”. In: International Labour Review Vol. 143 No. 3 (with Elaine Fultz)

(2003) The Gender Dimensions of Social Security Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe. Case Studies of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland Budapest/ Genf: ILO (with Elaine Fultz and Markus Ruck).



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