2013 Summer Seminar, July 15-18, Krakow, Poland


Brigitte Young (em), Professor of International/Comparative Political Economy, Institute of Political Science, University of Muenster, Germany since 1999. She studied International and Comparative Political Economy at the University of California (Santa Barbara and Davis – B.A. M.A.) and at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (PhD). She was Fulbright Hays Dissertation Fellow (1986); Social Science Research Fellow in Berlin (1989); Research Associate at the Centre for German and European Studies, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. (1994/95); and Professor of European Politics at Wesleyan University, Connecticut from 1991-1997. She was Guest Professor at the J.F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies at the Free University, Berlin, 1990-91; at the Otto-Suhr Institute, FU-Berlin, 1997-99; Guest Research Associate at the University of Texas at Dallas (spring 1998); Guest Professor at: Law School, University of Muenster, 2006-2007; Science-Politique/CERI in Paris 2008/2009;  Science-Politique, spring 2011, Warwick University, UK (2011), and Centeal European University, Budapest, 2012.

In 2000-2002 she was appointed Expert Advisor to the high-level Enquete-Commission of the German Parliament on “Globalization of the World Economy - Challenges and Answers”. She is a senior member of the research project, funded by the EU-6th Framework Program, “Global Governance, Regionalisation, and Regulation: The Role of the EU” (GARNET). She chairs the sections on “Gender in Political Economy” (GIPE). Young was also a member of the Warwick Commission on “The Multilateral Trade Regime: Which Way Forward?” (2007). She is presently the German Delegate to the European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST) Project: Systemic Risks, Financial Crisis and Credit- the roots, dynamics and consequences of the Subprime Crisis (2009-2014), and heads the working group (with Christoph Scherrer) Systemic Risks, Crises, and the Search for Financial Stability in modern finance. She is a Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the EU 7-FP “Financialisation, economy, society and sustainable development”, FESSUD, Project Coordinator Malcolm Sawyer, Leeds University; SSH.2010.1.2.-1: Changing the role of the financial system to better serve economic, social and environmental objectives. She was recently nominated to the “Fortschrittsforum” (organised by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Otto Brenner Foundation, Hans-Böckler Foundation) to support the Enquete-Commission of the German Parliament, “Wachstum, Wohlstand and Lebensqualität”, Working Group: The Economy and Growth.



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