2013 Summer Seminar, July 15-18, Krakow, Poland

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Ayşegül ÇELİK is a Phd candidate student in the Department of Public Administration at Ankara University. Çelik completed her Msc. in Science and Technology Policy Studies and her undergradute studies in Economics Department at Middle East Technical University. She has been working as an SME Expert in Small and Medium Sized Industries Development Organisation (KOSGEB) of Turkey since 1998. She worked in international projects with Germans, Italians and Irish for SMEs in different parts -east, west and Anatolia- of Turkey. Last but not least, she has been conducting a project with the Croation partner institution, on Training Needs Analysis in Turkey and Western Balkans region since 2010. Between 2008-2010, she worked as the Chief Director in Risk Management Division of EU-IPA (Instruments for Pre-Accession)-Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme. Her professional interest lies on SMEs, SMEs in EU Cohesion, Global Economics and Regional Development, Entrepreneurship Development and Training Needs Analysis in SMEs.

In her spare time, Ayşegül likes to dance, write down short stories and perform kitchen facilities of Turkish cousine. She is an addict of scary movies.



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