2013 Summer Seminar, July 15-18, Krakow, Poland

Volodymyr Streltsov PDF Print

Hi. I'm Volodymyr, one of the Ukraine’s participant. I work mainly on the EU and International Economics issues. I teach MPA and Ph.D. classes sometimes in Kharkiv Regional Institute of Public Administration, but mainly work as a writer. My academic interest lies in social and economic paradoxes that I can only explain from gender point of view. Will Saudi Arabia women’s have a cheaper passport service? or Why health issues in Post-communist countries have a greater interest in women auditory? I find out things that might be interesting to someone looking at EU through gender glasses. Anyway, Viam supervadet vadens. For this topic I wouldn't mention other things like how many brothers and sisters I have, or studying gender psychology... or what else. Those might be things I would use to introduce myself during heavy study if topics were related to the situation. Good luck! Hopefully not too boring trip and enjoyable visit!



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