2013 Summer Seminar, July 15-18, Krakow, Poland

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My current tile: Associate Professor

Name of organization of my primary employment: School of Marxism Studies, the People’s University of China

Other affiliations/organizations I belong to, work with: The Center of Economics-Sociology Studies

City, country of residence: Beijing, China,P.R.C

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone: 86-139-109-64-220

My academic interest lies in feminist economics, macroeconomics and the study on capitalist globalization.

I have published academic papers on feminist economics, like Research on the Theoretical Fronts of Feminist Economics, How to Price for Household Labor by wives, Economic Analysis on Employment Isolation and Unequal Pay for Equal Work of Different Genders.

Also I am in charge of a State Researching Scheme, The Integration of a Gender Perspective into Economic Analysis, which is a Project supported by National Office for Education Science Planning in 2012(Grant No. 12YJCZH173).

Besides study in feminist economics, I published series of academic papers on macroeconomics and capitalist globalization, like Food Crisis and Agricultural Mode of Production, An Explanation for China’s Economic Dilemma: the Pitfalls in the Growth Pattern, World Millwork Plants and Employment Generation, Analysis on Developed Countries’ Capital Flow, Economic Cycle and Its Non-simultaneity of the International Transmission Mechanism: The Global Impact of Subprime Crisis.



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