2013 Summer Seminar, July 15-18, Krakow, Poland

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Charita  Jashi is  Professor of Economic and Business faculty, Tbilisi State University of Georgia. She was engaged in elaboration of the national policy and strategic documents for gender mainstreaming in Georgia under the frameworks of EDPRP, MDGs, CCA/UNDAF and other strategic planning processes. Working  as  programme manager and expert at the international partnership programmes (UNDP, OSCE/ODHIR, OSGF, World Bank, Oxfam).

She is founder and president of Association of Economic Education and Association of Caucasus Development Group.

Her areas of expertise are: gender and macroeconomics, human development, globalization, social protection   and social marketing .

She is Member of International Association Feminist Economics and World Social Marketing Association.

Main publications: Principles of Social Marketing, Gender Dimension of Finance policy in Georgia, Gender Budget for Social Equality, Gender Sensitive Monitoring of State Programs for Social Protection and Employment of the Unemployed Population, Impacts of Privatization and Trade Liberalization on Women in Georgia, Gender Economic Issues - The Case of Georgia.



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