2013 Summer Seminar, July 15-18, Krakow, Poland

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Ewa Rumińska-Zimny is economist from the Warsaw School of Economics, President of the International Women’s Forum at the Warsaw School of Economics, Board Member the Congress of Polish Women and Member of GEM-Europe Research and teaching at the Warsaw School of Economics and Georgetown University, Washington D.C. Work experience at the United Nations in New York and Geneva.  She was a team member of  UN reports, including Human Development Report and Head, Gender and Economy programme at the UN Economic Commission for Europe (56 member countries, including EU- 27, Russia, US, Caucasus and Central Asia). She was responsible for the Beijing +5 and +10 regional reviews, initiated pan-European conferences of women entrepreneurs, authored reports and  publications including 2009 Gender Gap and Economic Policy  Participated as expert  in conferences of the Council of Europe (Gender budgets, Athens 2009; Ministerial Conference, Baku 2010), European Parliament (Hearings on Regional Development, Brussels 2011) and Commission (DG Justice, Brussels  2011; COCOF/EDF, Brussels 2012).  Member of IAFFE.



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