2013 Summer Seminar, July 15-18, Krakow, Poland

Purpose of the Program PDF Print

The purpose of the Knowledge Networking and Capacity Development Programme is to facilitate the integration of a gender perspective into research, policy formulation and evaluation in macroeconomics in the transition and emerging economies of Eastern and Southern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia as well countries from the global South (Africa, Latin America, MENA region and South East Asia).

More specifically the objectives are:

1. To increase the knowledge of economists and policy-makers from academia, public and private sectors and NGOs in the region on key issues, tools and methodologies related to gender-sensitive research, analysis, policy formation and evaluation in macroeconomics and international economics through

  • Gaining knowledge and familiarity with existing formulations of gender-aware questions, research tools and methodologies in macroeconomics and international economics;
  • Enhancing capabilities in integrating gender analysis in teaching macroeconomics, international trade, international finance or economic development;
  • Enhancing capabilities in formulating gender-aware questions in research, teaching, policy making and advocacy in this area.

2. To increase knowledge networking and capacity for policy advocacy on gender sensitive macroeconomic policies in the region through

  • Fostering a network among the participants;
  • Helping the participating fellows to form and sustain their own networks of research,┬áteaching and activism within their own countries, among regions and globally;
  • Strengthening the intellectual links of the participants to other knowledge-networks engaged with similar issues;
  • Enhancing their capability in connecting and networking in general with other practitioners, scholars, policy-makers and activists.


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