2013 Summer Seminar, July 15-18, Krakow, Poland

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The program consist of (a) a self study module in companion to the course; (b) an intensive eight - day Summer Institute Workshop to be held between July 17- 26th (c) a two- day conference “Economic Crisis in Europe: Towards Gender- Equitable Macroeconomic Policy-making and Economic Governance” to be held on July 28th and 29th. The self-study module and the Summer Institute are intended for economists in academia, research institutions, government officials and civil society organizations and women’s groups. The conference symposium will target a larger audience including policy-makers and members of the media.


The Program will include the following eight modules: 1) Introduction to Gender-aware Economics / Feminist Economics, 2) Redefining the Macroeconomy: Conceptual, Analitical and Data Issues, 3) Fiscal Policy, 4) Globalization, Economic Dynamics, and Challenges From  Feminist Perspective, 5) Gender and Labour Dynamics: Theory and Empirical Patterns, 6) Gender and Poverty, 7) The Evolution of Monetary Policy, and International  Finance, 8) Economic Crisis: One or Many?

Each Module will have 5 sessions consisting of presentations by the instructors, presentations by the Fellows as well as labs.



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