2013 Summer Seminar, July 15-18, Krakow, Poland


MSc. in Economics, SGPIS,  specialisation: Econometrics, 1970, PhD in Economics, specialisation: Econometrics,  SGPiS, 1978 , Habilitation in Economics and Demography, SGH, 1995 , President of the Committee of Demographic Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, since 2011, Main Editor of ‘ Studia Demograficzne”, a journal of Committee of Population Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 1999 -2011, Vice-president of the Social Sciences Section at the  Polish Academy of Sciences, 1999 – 2006, Chairwoman of the Scientific Council of the Central European Forum for Migration and Population Research in Warsaw, 2002 -2008, Chairwoman of the Scientific Council at the Institute of Labour and Social Affairs,  2005-2011, Member of the Council of the Foundation for Polish Science,  2008-2012, 2012-2016, Member of Interdisciplinary Board of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, 2008-2012, Member of the Subcommittee on Social Statistics of the European Advisory Committee on Statistical Information in the Economic and Social Spheres for Eurostat (CEIES), 2005-2008, Member of  European Statistical Advisory Committee (ESAC), since 2008the Polish expert delegated to the FP7 Programme Committee on Social Sciences and Humanities, since 2008 , Member of the Generations and Gender Programme Advisory Group, since 2010 , Member of the  International Union for the Scientific Study of Population , Member of the Committee of Labour and Social Policy of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Member of the Scientific Council of Statistics of the Central Statistical Office, member of the Social Monitoring Council for the panel survey “Social Diagnosis”,  since 2000, Member of the Governmental Population Council in Poland

Main fields of scientific interest: Interrelationships between population change and socio-economic processes, family and household changes, demographic change and labour market developments, reconciliation of work and family, demographic forecasting, population-related policy, social policy; social statistics

Main publications from the years  2008-2012

Population Change as a Main Driver of Pensions Reforms in the EU, in: Latoszek E., Kotowska I.E., Nowak A.Z., Stępniak A., 2012, European Integration Process in the New regional and Global Settings, Scientific Publisher of the Management Department of Warsaw University, Warsaw, 339-350.

Kotowska I.E. (ed.), 2009, Structural and cultural determinants of women’s labour force participation in Poland, (in Polish), Scholar Publisher, Warsaw.

Poland: Fertility decline as a response to profound societal and labour market changes? (with J.Jóźwiak, A.Matysiak, A.Baranowska), Demographic Research, 2008, vol.19, Article 22,  795-854.

Reconciliation of work and family under different institutional settings (with A.Matysiak), in: Höhn Ch., Avramov D., Kotowska I.,  (eds.), People, Population Change and Policies: Lessons from the Population Policy Acceptance Study, vol.1, European Studies of Population, Springer, 2008, 299-318.

Equality of retirement benefits received by men and women in selected European countries. Childbearing and future benefits (with  P.Strzelecki, J.Stachura), ENEPRI Research Report No. 56, AIM WP6, Task 6.4.1, June 2008,



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